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About the Technology


D4 Energy devolatization solutions support power generation, including the generation of high quality 600-750 Btu syngas and the generation of activated carbon. The system has virtually no emissions due to the patented devolatization process and is self-sustaining, using less than 10-15% of the produced power to operate the entire system.

The D4 process is built around a series of interdependent processes that allow for the thermal conversion of organic and synthetic feedstocks into solid and gaseous products. Collectively the products have a significantly higher value than could be realized by other disposal techniques. The technologies utilized, while modern in their implementation, are built upon decades of practical experience in the thermal conversion of materials in an oxygen-free environment.

D4's proprietary and innovative technology is built upon the proven technologies of pyrolysis (devolatization in an inert atmosphere) and hydropyrolysis (devolatization in a hydrogen rich atmosphere). D4 engineers have applied 21st century knowledge in material science, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, and fluid dynamics to the problem of achieving the maximum value from MSW and other renewable sources with the minimum environmental impact. The result is an integrated process that produces a high quality, medium Btu gas and carbon.

The gas product produced in the D4 unit provides the energy required for the thermal conversion of the feedstock (on average, 10-15% of less is used for the process) and provides an export gas stream to power engine or turbine generator sets or the gas can be use for industrial purposes.

The carbon product produced by the D4 process can be used for numerous applications depending on the region of the world such as soil amendment, fuel sources, fillers for rubber and plastic applications, etc.