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Is a D4 system a good solution for you?

While there are countless potential applications for D4s unique energy solutions, some likely applications include:

Municipal Landfill

Due to the rising costs and environmental impacts of landfills for municipal solid waste (MSW), municipalities are increasing looking for other solutions for their waste disposal needs.  D4 systems can take a costly expense and turn it into a revenue source by using the MSW as a carbon-based feedstock to generate clean energy.

Producers of Biomass & Agriculture

Globally, agricultural waste is a major environmental concern, and can be expensive to transport and dispose of. A D4 system can provide a solution for these concerns, and produce energy that can be resold or utilized to fuel the agricultural enterprise.


Manufacturers with a high level of carbon-based manufacturing waste or significant energy needs can utilize a D4 energy system to cut both their waste disposal and energy costs.