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What Are the Steps?

If you decide you are interested in pursuing a solution with the D4 Energy Group, here is the process you can expect.

Pre-order Phase:

To begin, contact D4 to learn more about our technology.  If you decide you are interested, we will conduct an engineering/technical review and a feedstock testing and analysis so you can learn how the D4 solution will meet your needs, and what you can expect from the system.

D4 Energy Group will then create a preliminary proposal.  If you decide to go ahead, we will conduct a site survey and feasibility analysis before finalizing the proposal. 

Post Order Phase:

After the purchase order has been issued, the system will be manufactured, delivered and installed along this approximate timeline:

    Month 1-8: Manufacturing and System Integration
    Month 9: Factory Acceptance Test
    Month 10: Delivery to Site
    Month 12: Site Installation and Commissioning

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