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Financial Services

D4 Energy Group has many existing relationships with financing groups looking to fund projects that utilize D4 technology. Please contact your D4 Energy business development representative to learn more.

Typical Terms/Requirements:

 The all in interest rate is a combination of U.S. Treasury Rates (constantly changing) and a spread to attract our private investors. Terms range from 10 or more years. The minimum rafting accepted is BBB (Triple-B Bond rating). This typically comes from the entity who has provided the Offtake or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Preferred loan size is US $70M to US $600M per transaction. Financing is 100%. No down payment is required by the private partners of a public/private

The Process:

(1) selection of project to be financed

(2) development of financing structure

(3) approval by borrower and funding source of financing structure and preliminary terms (rate is set at commitment and does not float)

(4) engagement of lender

(5) procurement and analysis of documents

(6) other processing and (7) closing.